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ALAMERA Research Laboratories/Research Depots Membership Form

ALAMERA is an association dedicated to uniting and representing entities involved in advancing clinical research. Our alliance comprises a diverse membership of over sixty companies, medical societies, and principal investigators from around the world.

Our guiding philosophy is rooted in:

  • Openness for representation.
  • Dynamism for recognition.
  • Commitment to being at the forefront of the profession, ensuring a proactive and influential presence.

Membership Criteria:

If you wish to apply to join ALAMERA, your organization or practice must meet the following criteria:

  • For Medical Societies:
    • Active involvement in medical research or healthcare advancement.
    • Existence for at least 1 year.
    • Commitment to promoting ethical and high-quality clinical research.
  • For Principal Investigators:
    • Track record in conducting clinical trials or willingness to contribute in a clinical study.
    • Active involvement in medical or healthcare research.
    • Commitment to adhering to ethical standards in research.

Submitting Your Application:

Submitting your application involves no constraints, only commitments. Simply read and electronically sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is attached. Confirming agreement to the terms and conditions within the document serves as your signature.

We look forward to the possibility of welcoming your organization or practice as a valued member of ALAMERA soon!

Areas of Intervention *
Types of Activities *
Does the facility have dedicated and well-equipped laboratory/depot spaces? *
Are the laboratory/depot facilities compliant with relevant safety and environmental regulations? *
Is the laboratory/depot equipped with state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation? *
Does the laboratory have a qualified and experienced team of researchers and technicians? *
Is the laboratory compliant with relevant regulatory standards and certifications? *
Does the laboratory have a track record of successful research projects (For Laboratory)? *
Does the laboratory provide ongoing training opportunities for staff development (For Laboratory)? *

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