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Welcome to the Clinical Research Units (CRUs) Membership Form for joining our ALAMERA association dedicated to fostering collaboration and representation in the field of Clinical Research. As an association committed to excellence, we are excited about the prospect of your Clinical Research Unit becoming a valued member of our community.

ALAMERA brings together Clinical Research Units from various regions, fostering a network of excellence. We currently have a diverse membership representing units from different countries.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Commitment to Unity
  • Excellence in Clinical Research
  • Collaboration for Advancement

Membership Criteria: To apply for CRUs Alliance membership, your unit should meet the following criteria:Operating as a Clinical Research UnitBased in its current location for at least 1 yearEngaged primarily in clinical research activities

  • Operating as a Clinical Research Unit
  • Based in its current location for at least 1 year
  • Engaged primarily in clinical research activities

Application Process: Applying is simple. Review the terms and conditions in the attached Non-Disclosure Agreement, electronically sign it, and consider it your commitment to our shared principles.

We look forward to welcoming your Clinical Research Unit into the CRUs Alliance and benefiting from the collaborative environment.

How would you describe your unit's use of advanced technologies for data management and electronic health records? *
Does your unit have a dedicated and skilled staff for research coordination, data management, and other specialized roles? *
Does your unit hold certifications such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP) adherence or industry accreditations? *
Is your unit actively involved in professional networks, consortia, or collaborative research initiatives? *
Does your unit have in-house expertise to navigate regulatory requirements and approvals? *
Does your unit have strategies in place for effective patient recruitment, retention, and engagement? *
What is your unit's history of contributing to scientific publications and knowledge dissemination? *
Does your unit have ongoing training programs for research staff to keep them current with industry standards? *

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