African, Latin American, Asian, Mediterranean Research Alliance

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ALAMERA is a program under HOPE MCF, a partner of the Arab League for Social and Health Sustainable Development Goals, gathering the Research Stakeholders in the southern part of the world.

Our mission at ALAMERA is to enhance healthcare in the southern hemisphere by offering superior solutions for conducting multinational clinical studies to biopharmaceutical and MedTech companies.

We have developed a model that enables us to compete with multinational CROs while maintaining our entity and autonomy, and doing so at a minimal cost.

We provide comprehensive coverage of clinical trial materials logistics by forging alliances throughout the MEA region.

At ALAMERA, our vision is to promote scientific expertise and strengthen the health system, research and development, and patient access by fostering connections and alliances.
By the year 2030, we aim to establish ourselves as the market leader in health quality systems and R&D in the southern hemisphere, achieving sustainable, qualitative growth.

ALAMERA upholds the following values:

Excellence: We consistently collaborate with the foremost experts in our region and worldwide, ensuring our work is of the highest standard.

Teamwork: We bring together our collective expertise, ideas, and passion, leveraging cutting-edge project management and communication tools to achieve common goals.

Quality-Driven Outcome: The culmination of decades worth of project success and research in delivering an approach and methodology to establish a high-performing team that delivers exceptional quality.

Board Members

Stefano Marini

Honorary President


Dr. Nadia Cheaib



Joseph Maarawi



Moussa Riachy

Professor & Head of Pulmonary


Ali Taher

Professor of Medicine, Hematology & Oncology and Director


Adlette Inati

Professor of Pediatrics at the Lebanese American University


Corine Aad

Director of strategy


Joyce Succar

Project Manager